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Towncraft News coming to! 1

Towncraft News coming to!

Hi everyone! My name is meweverdeen, and as some of you might know, I run Towncraft News in-game. (If you don’t know what Towncraft News is, visit /warp news, it has just about everything.)...

Teamspeak Logo 2

TeamSpeak Address Changed

TeamSpeak is back up and running again. Please update your bookmark for Towncraft to TOWNCRAFT.ME. Default port. So basically we just changed it from Towncraft.US to Towncraft.ME and you should connect just fine. Talk...

Skyblock Banners 1

SkyBlock is now OPEN!

After a lot of changes on Towncraft we have finally got the resources to expand! SkyBlock is installed and configured and ready for prime time. So jump on and see how well you survive...

TC3 Update 20

TC3 – Update

Hi Guys, I wanted to post something about the long awaited survival map built of the Minecraft 1.8 release. We are currently hard at work looking at seed candidates (for those that don’t know,...

October and Towncraft “Survivor” 15

October and Towncraft “Survivor”

As Towncraft Gears up for Halloween, you will notice a few fun things take place. Some shops at spawn will take on a Halloween look and feel You may See a Broadcast that says...

ICON Voting! – Until 1/1/2014!!! 3

ICON Voting! – Until 1/1/2014!!!

Here are the submissions For the Towncraft icon contest! – Voting ends 1/1/2014. 1.   2.   3.   4.  5.  6.   7.    8.  9. 10.