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Poll Results

Today, the results to the Towncraft’s favorite colors poll were released! Thank you to everyone that participated! I was really excited to see all the votes. Here are the poll results: 3rd Place: Purple...

ICON Voting! – Until 1/1/2014!!! 3

ICON Voting! – Until 1/1/2014!!!

Here are the submissions For the Towncraft icon contest! – Voting ends 1/1/2014. 1.   2.   3.   4.  5.  6.   7.    8.  9. 10.    

Should we keep /backpacks? 7

Should we keep /backpacks?

I’ve received feedback from several of you that say that backpacks are more trouble than they’re worth. They gobble up items, and stack items weirdly… those are a couple of the things I’ve heard....

The Mobhunters Are Back…? 1

The Mobhunters Are Back…?

So TheHilloMan has dusted off the Mobhunters and is working on restoring them to their former Towncraft glory. They’re alive and well in Old Towncraft, but is it time to bring them to ALL...