Bye Bye Helpers!

A While ago Helpers were deleted…… we are sorry. Helper Chat was deleted as well. Anyone can help! Now people who we’ve seen and they look ready for staff……………………. will just be promoted to Vanguard =p. Cya laterrrrrrr.


YOOHOO! I'm EnderGirl909x, I love BACON. I am one of the most craziest people on Towncraft! Just ask xxRadiowolfxx. (I might be the craziest) I love Towncraft <3

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3 Responses

  1. Kolgrath says:

    Thanks for the update, EnderGirl909x. Let me add that Helpers was a test program to get more help for new players and take the pressure off of staff. There were some great helpers that really stuck to the job, but others were in it just for the perks. The program overall ended up being more effort to manage than the time actually saved by having it. That is why I made the difficult decision to end the Helpers program. The idea behind having any program like that is the net gain is supposed to be positive, and that just didn’t happen with the Helpers program. I truly appreciate everyone who took the time to help me test it.

  2. Magicdolphin5573 says:

    HEEEEEEELP!!!!! i cant access towncraft 🙁 it says server out of date???? Please help! :):)

    • Kolgrath says:

      Towncraft updated this morning so you should be able to join without issue. If this happens again you can create a profile for a previous version of Minecraft. I cover that in a video I made here:

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