Me vs broadcast

Listen to this! One early morning (my time zone) when it was only me online and like five other players online, broadcast suddenly reminded us to check out the new /warp mines as it always does. So I decides to put broadcast up to a little test. I asked very nicely if maybe broadcast could set /warp mines to be a cave full of just ores, like only diamonds, gold, emeralds and stuff. You know what the answer was?? Broadcast told us to go and have a look. WOW!! There was a really big cave just full of all ores you could imagen! I wish you all could have been online. We didn’t know where to begin.

But it was not only a walk in the park. All sorts of mobs were sent in  to make us work for our money. So we had to fight all sorts of mobs away but we still managed to fill our stocks! Thats was the best morning ever! I can’t remember the names of you who were with me. Please comment if you were there!

(I want to remind you: asking broadcast to do things is not somethings you are suppos to do, this was a very rare accasion)

2016-08-14_08.12.04 - kopia 2016-08-14_08.54.32 - kopia 2016-08-14_08.59.26

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3 Responses

  1. grubrayden says:

    i, Slimeyjoe, niteshadee, rightyBird, 1brickbuilder, _flufz (sorry if i spelled that wrong) where there

  2. Niteshadee Jewel says:

    this was a lot of fun

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