Breaking News: Creeper “The Creep” Creeperson Finally Caught!

Creeper In Jail


After many years on the run, the Creeper has finally been brought to justice. Terrorizing miners across all of Minecraftia, the Creeper has been regarded as the world’s most dangerous criminal.

“My brother Herobrine didn’t even hear it coming,” says a tearful Steve, “in fact he was so shocked by his own death some say he still haunts this land today.”

The Creeper was arraigned on 1,277,482,477 counts of willful destruction of property, 693,278,144 of first degree murder, and 1 count of ‘Really, Man?’.

The judge took his answer of “Sssssssssssss” as a not guilty.

The trial is scheduled to begin next month.


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  1. Shimrit Hanes says:

    I love it! Too funny!

  2. kodykraft says:

    Was that who grifed the creeper crew?

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