Hey everyone!!! As a few of you know… I was on towncraft the night of thursday the 21st… and I had my BIRTHDAY PARTY!! A lot of you came!! We had over 4 party bombs!!! A big thanks to niteshadee for that!! We also had cake, (I had about 2 and 1/2 cakes) And presents!!


Here is a picture of the present box! It was such a surprise to be getting all of these presents!! Unfortunately I gave trust to everyone so they could all trade for free (We were at /warp trade) but someone stole the presents! Thankfully Yukikiko came to save the day by subdividing my claim and replacing the items! (I untrusted everyone after that)


Wow! That’s what the inside of my presents chest looked like right when i opened it!! I now have 14 DIAMOND BLOCKS!!!! thats amazing!! thank you guys!!


This is the only thing that changed at /warp trade (except for cake and lighting) for the party! we still had a great time!! (hehe I’m enjoying writing this soo much…)


Meet my newest Family member (and Pet) Party! He was given to me by <Name Here> (so sorry I forgot your username!! It was just so complicated) and was my last and final gift!! Im enjoying playing with him soo much!!


Afterwords I went mining at /warp mines!! surprisingly I saw Yukikiko there! (she had to leave the party early) It was fun mining even though I didn’t get joined by anyone… (until I got into the mine…)

But I wasn’t at the party!!

Never fear! For the wizarding abilities of Supermudmatthew is here! I have read your mind… and… I have devised a poll! I will stop by at /warp parkour to do some fun stuff with you guys either saturday August 6th or 13th… vote which is better in the comments below! It will be like a second b-day party! Thank you all!! -Super


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  1. Chocolate Milk says:

    Cool! My birthday was on Monday the 25th (yesterday)!

  2. KayoriMew says:

    Happy late birthday supermudmatthew! And happy birthday to you too chocolate milk 😀

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