No bidding tonight

A few days ago I went to a auction house that LadyAyre had. It was a really cool place she had and you could bid on items by placing signs in the wall in the front. The only thing that I felt was that people started to raiste the bids really high, so a golden shovel ended up going for $8000, I mean who’s got that kind of kolbucks, if you’re not very rich. So it would be more fun if next time, maybe you were only aloud to raise by, say a 100, or maximum 200? So we ‘normal’ people can be in the game as well 🙂

I loved this idea and we all had so much fun at this event! Hope it will be a new auction soon LadyAyre!

2016-07-31_22.44.52 2016-07-31_22.40.08

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  1. grubrayden says:

    ladyayre can i auction stuff?

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