Awesome Parkour Course!

So, [someone- I just realized I mixed up the name. This did not belong to gmoneyman… if anyone knows who really built this, give me a heads-up. I really apologize for this ‘^^] created a really, really cool parkour course! Unfortunately I couldn’t get pictures of the whole thing (because I’m really bad at parkour and there was no way I could make it up there… ‘^.^) but here are some photos anyways.

He used pistons and slime blocks to make the course really fun and interactive. It’s a bit of a puzzle to figure out how to get started (I tried to drop melons on the pressure plate until he told me how you were actually supposed to do it) but that just makes it more fun and challenging. I seriously recommend checking this out!


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  1. Kolgrath says:

    Parkour is always impressive when people can pull it off. I’m terrible able parkour so I generally leave it to the experts!

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