Art Competition (Modern Sculpture)


Art Competition (Sculpture)

  • Are you a budding artist?
  • Do you have a keen eye for the three dimensional arts?
  • Or are you just an MC block pro?

Have a go at designing your own piece of art in Towncraft.

A competition will officially start in a week or so but you can make a start as soon as you like.
Practice a little and restart a lot, but most importantly ‘Have a go!’

Winning entries will have their art displayed in a ‘Sculpture Park’ which will be created around the installations so that they can be fully appreciated by all that come to see them.

Competition Rules:

  • There will be a limit of 2 entries per player so practice all you want but make a good choice of which ones you want judged.
  • No Pixel art entries (we will have a comp for those another time)
  • No Mob or player statues (again we may have a comp in the future for those)

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8 Responses

  1. CatsRule543 says:

    I’ll problably fail…. may as well try though 😀

  2. Count von Stroganov says:

    Can I design the gate to the park? I have a wonderful idea that would pretty much only fit there.

  3. JollyMinor says:

    I submitted a carpet design. Crossing my fingers. 🙂

  4. Electricfior180 says:

    Awseme contest i might enter

  5. Joseph160302 says:

    so make my own peace of art 😀

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