I had the best day ever! It started as an ordinary day, I was doing some farmwork, gathering some sheep (why do they keep escaping their pen?), re stocking a few of my stores, chatting to some people, you know, just ordinary things. Then suddenly I saw a question in the chat; ‘why are you guys building in warp mines?’. That made me very curious. I mean come on, it’s a fair question to ask, why would anyone build there, it will be gone the next day. So I thought It might be something worth checking out.

Im so so happy i did!!!

Guess who I found in /warp mines?? Kolgrath! And he was having a party! And I got some great pics to show you guys! I’m going to let the pictures speak for themself.



When I got there everyone was on top of a big house. I must have missed the start of everything because I was a bit confused at first. Moonifer was there too. She’s my absolute favourite! 



I soon realised that the roof was the place to be! Here there were drop parties and mine parties among other things.



He then built a house on top of the roof with bars on the windows. It was a bit scary but I stayed inside the whole time, not sure what was going to happen.



Suddenly all these mobs started to pop up in the house. We all started to fight them. I tried my best to hold the camera steady. You can see Kolgrath’s son Drakeot07 in the center of the picture with blue t-shirt.




Me in pink trying my best to help catching the little slimy jumpy things. I admit that fighting and holding a camera is not the way to go. I think I accidently hit someone in the head with the camera as well, sorry about that 🙂



After a while Kolgrath told us to take the lift down to the mines. Great mines! Why can’t /warp mines look like that every day? We all mined untill I guess all our inventories was full with ores 🙂

And now for the last part! The Ender Dragon! We all went to fight the Ender Dragon. Yes I did try too!! But I ended up being killed. I think I used the camera as a weapon again *rolling my eyes*. It’s not every day you get killed by an Ender Dragon. I had to take a screen shot of that in the chat! When it was all over Drakeot07 decided bury me alive for some reason, his face was the last thing a saw that day….. just kidding…

Enjoy the last pictures below! Talk to you soon!






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  1. Kolgrath says:

    Great post Lilla H! Last night was extraordinary! We had so much fun. Between TC Radio, the giveaways, and events in /warp mines… it was a night to remember!

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