Reporter Adrastos Checking In

Hi all! It’s Adrastos. First off, I’d like to say I am proud to be a Towncraft Reporter, alongside Excellex. I hope to serve Our Great Server well.  But enough with the formalities. On to the story. I thought I’d start with something fairly engaging. You may have noticed that a new Minecraft update is coming out. This means horses, as well as a few other exciting elements. I’m sure that most of you already know them, but I’ll list them here for giggles.  There’s horses, donkeys, mules, horse armor, leashes, carpets, hardened clay, stained clay, blocks of coal, name tags and hay bales.  Obviously, theres a lot of novel fun to be had from this material. I’d like for you guys to list some of your ideas for games and activities in the comments below!  Some REAL news stories are to come; fear not. I’m sure there will be many awesome creations to cover quite soon.

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