Afraid of the dark

Me and Akittylover have been helping each other with a few things this week. I’ve been helping her with some broken lifts that I can fly up to and fix and she’s been helping me building a new house in my town. By the way I have the best news ever about my town but I will tell you all about that in another post! I went to her house and she’s got the most amazing view from her roof. Just look at this picture.


While building on the house at H Town we came up on this giant old mine that we just wanted to explore some more. It was very creepy and I brought my dog Pip with me for some protection.


We found an old rail road for mine carts and all sorts of creepy stuff in there. There were so much spider webs so we dont think that someone has been there for at least 100 years. We were really scared all the time.


Akittylover used this box for X-Ray to see what was behind one of the walls. We thought there might be some hidden gold but we couldnt find any. It was really cool to see her use the X-ray I have never seen that before.

In the end we got really scared and couldn’t find our way back again and there were so many mobs so we had to tp our way out of there. I closeed of the entrence to the cave when we finally made it out. Don’t want any of my residents in my town to get lost in there.

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