__Minecraftman’s Story

Here is a story by reporter __Minecraftman!

“Ok, so here’s how it happened. I was in tc3 when it was raining, and then lightning struck! 3 skelly horses with skeletons on their backs spawned! The skeletons were wearing iron helmets. I killed 2, but I only¬† had half of a heart, so I got away using my shield.”

Thanks for the story, __minecraftman!

If any other reporters would like their story on the website, there is more information at /warp news in-game. ^.^


Hello! I'm KayoriMew, and I'm a staff member on the Towncraft Minecraft server. *I retired from being Towncraft News owner as of 10/5/16. Thank you so much to everyone who helped me create and improve Towncraft News for a year!!! It was a lot of fun! Drumbwoy and Swimmyfish85 are the new owners, so be sure to thank them~

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