Hello, I Am Lilla H

Hello everyone!!

My name is Lilla H! I think most of you recognize me by now! I live here in Towncraft and guess what? From now on you will get almost daily updates from me. You will get to follow me around in my every day life and see what I am up to. My biggest interests are Hunger Games, buying heads, hunting, buildning, teasing villagers and zombies and try new caf├ęs and see new places and meet people!

I don’t really know what to write since this is my first post so I thought I’d show you some pictures instead.


This is me outside my farm! Im sorry Im not good at taking pictures Im just learning I will get better I promise!



In my messy bedroom! Can you even see me? I need to tidy up don’t i? You can all tell I love heads right?



In H Town, the town Im buildning right now. Oh guys I have so much to tell you about H Town!


With watermelon800 who lives in H Town. She was so happy to be in the picture with me!

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