Monthly Archive: July 2016

Fountain Group Shot! 1

/warp pugmall

Pugifer recently made a new warp called /warp pugmall! She showed me around, and a lot of other players came to hang out there. I was very impressed by the fountain, so we decided to...

2016-07-21_22.40.58 2


Hey everyone!!! As a few of you know… I was on towncraft the night of thursday the 21st… and I had my BIRTHDAY PARTY!! A lot of you came!! We had over 4 party...

Vinylrecord88 and xMoonlitshadow flying together! 0

Elytra Fun

Personally, I’m not very good at avoiding danger in Minecraft. I decided to come on Towncraft and ask a few players about the craziest way they have died on minecraft, and I came up...