Monthly Archive: March 2016

Where's My Stuff? 4

TC 1.9: Where’s My Stuff?!?

You logged in. Everything looks completely different. There’s no lobby. There’s a board with names on it that you don’t recognize. What the what? First, why didn’t you read the signs that told you...

Cancelled! 0

1.9 Update On Hold

After finding out just how many plugins were broken by the update, we’ve placed it on hold. Towncraft will be updating to 1.9, and more details will be coming shortly on this. In the...

Under Construction Minecraft Crane 2

Pardon Our Dust

We’re currently upgrading Towncraft to 1.9. Lots of stuff going on, so please be patient. Everything has been fully backed up, so nothing is lost. It’s just going to take some time to get...