Monthly Archive: February 2016

Promotion 3

So many Promotions!

In the past week, a lot of players have been promoted! Here are some of them. R2dee2- Guardian Silvercrafter7- Guardian AgentNewra- protector Simmy22- Vanguard 1skywalkers- Vanguard dsperman- Guardian meweverdeen- Protector Tradgore- Protector Skaarfy: Vanguard...

BIGUN - 2016-02-27_10.55.38 1

Transformers Build Contest…….!

 Today we had great fun! We’ve built some Transformers. Judging is with MAX, the owners little CUTE KAWAII CUTEY son. They will stream at @ 12:30. Be there on time!!! Here are some builds...

VIP for Kolbucks on Towncraft Minecraft Server 0

VIP Available for Real Money Again

Players are once again able to buy VIP for a low monthly price. $5 per month gets you some pretty amazing perks: You get the Gold [VIP] Rank Chat in COLOR! /nickname command (no...

Leaping onto the next board! 3

Awesome Parkour Course!

So, [someone- I just realized I mixed up the name. This did not belong to gmoneyman… if anyone knows who really built this, give me a heads-up. I really apologize for this ‘^^] created a really, really...

Super Duper Important Towncraft Minecraft Server 0

Update your IP!

If you aren’t able to connect to Towncraft then you need to update your IP in Minecraft to: PLAY.TOWNCRAFT.US We recently moved our webhosting on to a different host to stop interfering with the game...

Meweverdeen speech bubble towncraft family friendly minecraft server 1


So, first of all I’d like to apologize for inactivity on the website ‘^.^ I’ve been busy with other things, but now my schedule is clearing up. If you have any ideas for me...

Valentines Day Heart at Spawn on TC3 0

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day from Towncraft! Be sure to swing by TC3 and look for the heart at /spawn to get a present from me for Valentines Day! Your Friend, Kolgrath

TC2 on Towncraft Minecraft Playground 5

TC2 is on the /Playground today!

When you connect to Towncraft today, if you do /playground you can check out TC2! Some people have said /spawn isn’t taking them to the right spot, so you can try /warp stream and...