Monthly Archive: February 2014

Spleef Tournament This Saturday! 1

Spleef Tournament This Saturday!

Zaxxell3034 has organized a Spleef Tournament on Play.Towncraft.US! Have you signed up yet? Send Zaxxell3034 an in-game mail! He will be putting up the brackets up that morning so the sooner you sign up...

2014-02-25_09.25.02 6

Have a Seat!

Right click any stair in the game and you will be able to sit! Come on up to Kolbucks Cafe and SIT down for a nice meal! 🙂

Creative World is BACK!!! 3

Creative World is BACK!!!

The IP: Creative.Towncraft.US The old map has been added, unfortunately you’ll need to zoom around and find your old builds because we only had the map data. I didn’t have the claims data or...

Kicking Kolgrath To The Curb 6

Kicking Kolgrath To The Curb

Okay, not really. But I am putting my videos and Twitter stuff on a separate site: is supposed to be about Towncraft, and so it deserves to have its own Twitter account...

Game On! 3

Game On!

PLAY.TOWNCRAFT.US is back up and running! Oh, and by the way – it was Bettyhorde’s birthday! Did you remember to wish her a happy birthday? No? Oh, it probably would have helped to have...