Monthly Archive: October 2013

When Will Towncraft Upgrade to 1.7.2? 4

When Will Towncraft Upgrade to 1.7.2?

As you may have heard, Spigot rushed out a 1.7 version of their server software. It should be noted that this version is completely unsupported and a “use at your own risk” type of...

1.7-New Achievement Web 1

1.7-New Achievement Web

As many know, the web of achievements in the Minecraft options menu has changed, in quite a few ways. Certain game modes actually may have different webs, but for now we will focus on...

1.7-Big things Comming! 2

1.7-Big things Comming!

As many know, the next update to Minecraft is 1.7, dubbed the “Biome Update”. In this update, new fish for the first time will be introduced, as are 2 new wood types, glass types,...

2013-10-18_21.31.23 8

Miningvillager is our new Protector!

Mining has been a great impact in our towncraft society and is always willing to help. She makes funny comments even when we have tough days. She will be welcomed by many people. Congratulations...

New TeamSpeak Server Address! 0

New TeamSpeak Server Address!

Our old TeamSpeak server will be shutting down in a few days so you will need to connect to our new server:┬á See you… er… TALK to you there! -Kol

Oh The Places You’ll Go! 6

Oh The Places You’ll Go!

Hey guys it’s Lego here doing a new segment where I will be visiting amazing places in Towncraft. You may see me walking around your town so feel free to show me some cool...

Pocket Edition Server Offline 3

Pocket Edition Server Offline

Unfortunately the Minecraft Pocket Edition Server experiment has come to an end. While it was exciting to be able to offer a PE server and see it actually work, what wasn’t exciting was all...