100+ players for the first time!

Back in the day there was a Dad that wanted to play Minecraft with his son. Then some family wanted to join in and a small server was started.towncraft-100-players

Many years later the same Minecraft server has gone through all sorts of growing pains and finally (just this week) has had all those restrictions lifted and look what happened!!!!

This weekend just gone we hit 100+ players at many times over the Saturday and Sunday.

A feat never reached let alone have we had the capacity to deal with. In fact since we implemented the new Lobby and multiple server system we have close to doubled our player numbers.

So with the Holiday Season upon us can we expect these numbers to be a common thing?

I for one say “YES! Bring it on!”

Congrats Kolgrath and Towncraft on another milestone



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5 Responses

  1. Electricfior180 says:

    Woooooooooo! I like to advertise (Not about other servers) and tell my friends and people at school to go on this server, ‘play.towncraft.us’, Its the only safest server you’ll ever find!

    Thanks, and all the <3!


  2. Christofailure says:

    I remember when I first joined. A friend from camp wanted me to play this awesome server he used, so I figured why not. It was my first multiplayer server, but I still play even now. Many a server have entered and left my server list, only one stayed. And that is because Towncraft, with it’s weird(but awesome) players, amazing staff, and overall awesomeness, is quite possibly the best thing on the internet.

  3. Christofailure says:

    Not to mention you all are so helpful. When I started I was all “What does dirt do…” Now I’m all “You get a diamond, YOU get a diamond, EVERYBODY GETS A DIAMOND!!!”

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