1 Year of mining, building, and fun!

Excellex here on Towncraft’s 1 year anniversary. ┬áIts been a great year for towncraft as it has been a great half a year for me. We have had rollbacks, corruptions, and other things that have set us back including a giant meteor, but we never gave up or stopped. We continued to make the best of what we had and succeeded. I love this server and it’s players, its got a nice setup and its runned greatly. I learned that progress on here isnt what you build, but the people you meet and the friends you make. It’s been a great year for this server indeed, and I can say everyone has had some fun times on here at one time or another. We are on a new world, and yet we celebrate hopefully we dont encounter anymore meteors, but if we do, we can always pull together once more. As someone had said, a server isnt the map you play on, but the players themselves. Happy birthday to Towncraft!~

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  1. Eli Bamberg says:

    I like it.

  2. Eli Bamberg says:

    It is truth.

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