1.7-Big things Comming!

As many know, the next update to Minecraft is 1.7, dubbed the “Biome Update”.

In this update, new fish for the first time will be introduced, as are 2 new wood types, glass types, and all new fishing rod enchants!~

First off the bat, ill be talking about the new fishing enchantments, and fish types and uses.

-Fish types: Three new fish being added are the pufferfish, they are quite useful, as now you can brew water breathing potions!~ WARNING: Do NOT eat pufferfish, in survival on snapshots I ate one of them, and it almost killed me, very dangerous effects. Onto the next fish type, we have clownfish, which are just clownfish, not too sure, but these may be only obtainable by ocean fishing, they dont have too much use as far as I know. Next up, we have the salmon, these are like regular fish, just a different color, not sure why but they are more satisfying to catch than regular fish.

-New Blocks: We first off have some new trees and blocks being added. First of these would be Acacia logs, might have spelt the name wrong, but in terms of color, they are like oak, but the lumber is orange in color, and the bark is bluish silver. Next is Dark Oak, it is like oak, but darker, almost like spruce. There is also red sand, its like sand, however it is the color of a orangish scarlet. Next up is stained glass, its like normal glass, but tinted to colors, it comes in any color wool comes in, and can be made into panes. There was a new dirt type added called “Podzol”, its pretty much dirt, just no grass, its really nice for planters using trapdoors and plants. Speaking of plants, there are new plants added, including 2 block high plants, however these 2 block high plants can not be added into a flower pot. There are new normaal sized flowers too, too many to list, but they are quite nice, sadly the rose has been removed however. ._. Another new block being added is “packed ice”. This is like ice, but a more less tranparent texture, and I believe they are slower melting then normal ice. Packed ice I believe can be crafted, but its easier to find the rare exclusive new Ice Plains Spikes biome to obtain large amounts quickly.

New Biomes- Now to the main topic of the post, NEW BIOMES!~ Yes, many new biomes are being added to Minecraft, I dont want to spoil your taste for exploration, so ill only name off a few. One is the savanna, very nice, contains jungle trees, grass, etc. This is a very beautiful biome, another one being added is the Ice Plains Spikes, it is like ice mountains, but with giant ice crystals made of packed ice. The other new biome I want to bring up is the clay canyon biome, it is like desert, but with trenches and is composed of hardened, and stained clay and I believe this is where red sand is found. As for plant life, it contains dead brush.

This is all I have to mention for now, youll have to experience the rest for yourself!~

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  1. mswgheat98 says:

    Oohhh, so many new things! I can’t wait for this to come out. I played on the new snapshot for a little while and it seems pretty awesome. There are going to be so many new possibilities for building and stuff. I’m just wondering when it comes out though

  2. Yarg says:

    Only one question…how far will you have to expand the map to get to the new biomes?

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